Macjammers… Meet Roxylee, one of MacJams best folk and parody writers and performers.
Roxylee has sung in church services and loves to the play the drums!   Always a positive person on MacJams.
Her artist page can be found at Roxylee.

Tell us about your musical background.  Did you study music?  If so tell us about your experience.

I’ve never had any formal musical training, nor can I read notes, but music has always been vital to me. My love of music came at an early age, when I’d listen to my mom play piano and guitar. She was the one who taught us kids to sing harmony.

In my teens,  I would copy Joni Mitchell tunes on the piano and would figure out some of her many tunings on my guitar. I still have my 1968 Gibson Blue Ridge; in fact it’s the only guitar I’ve ever bought. The good Lord gave me the ability to carry a tune, which has enriched my life tremendously.

Once I got to sing on stage with Jonathan Edwards- just one song, but I’ll never forget it. And at a Clearwater sloop festival one year, Don McLean invited whoever wanted to, to come up onstage and accompany him singing and playing American Pie. That was fun, too. I’ve also been half of a church worship team and participated in a few outdoor concerts with a real band, which was great fun as well as a blessing.

Tell us how you go about creating music.

It’s mostly by inspiration. I’ll get a line or two, then jot them down for a more opportune (pun intended:-) time to write the rest. The melody usually comes afterwards to fit around the words, but sometimes I’ll get the melody first. This is unplanned by me most of the time.

Tell us a little about your music setup both software and hardware.

Currently I’m using the ART dual pre USB interface and a AKG Perception 200 mic with Garageband 4 on a Mac G4 Quicksilver 2002. I had formerly used a FW interface, but it fried. After getting 3 replacements that also fried, I gave up and bought a USB interface. I have also used a Samson CO1U USB mic.

How do you mix/master your music?  What do you listen for?

All I’ve used, so far, is GB and don’t have much expertise in the area of mixing. I learn by bugging people (hi, Drak) and by trial and error. I listen for the ambient room noise, pops and sibilance that give me a royal pain. In collabs I try to match my recording room size and reverb to the other’s (hi, Feter).

Do you have any hints to give newbies on composing, recording and publishing their music?

OK- I don’t mind sharing my total ignorance when I first started recording. 😉 Here are a few hints that most of you probably *never* had issues with:

* In Garageband, make sure the whole track isn’t selected when
deleting one segment. (I’ve deleted, saved, then realized I’ve
just thrown away 4 hours of takes)

*Sing into the logo side of the mic. (I hear you laughing)

*Before posting, insert the song info in the mp3, so we can know
who we are listening to in iTunes.

(Not technical, but will save newbies some headaches. 🙂

What are your musical aspirations?

* To keep having fun and doing collabs, while learning more
about  composing, arranging, and mixing.

* To someday get good audio equipment!

Tell us about your musical inspirations?

Jesus, who gives me words to worship Him with, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Jonathan Edwards, Sandy Denny,Cheryl Wheeler, Stan Rogers, Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, Kate Wolf, Richard & Linda Thompson, Keith Green, Don Francisco,  MacJams artists, and the list goes on and on. Mostly acoustic, because strings on wood brings peace to my musical soul.

Do you think that the age of the internet and digital music has helped you with respect to creating music?  If so why?

Most definitely. Without Garageband and MacJams, I probably wouldn’t have even tried writing songs. Being able to record and do collabs with people all over the world is amazing and fun.:-)

Tell us your thoughts on MacJams.  Are there anythings you would like to see done differently?

As my signature says “I love this place!” I’ve learned a lot since joining 3 years ago. Wow, 3 years already! What I’d like to see is the original and beta page’s features all merged into one. In the meantime, I use beta for replying to comments, and the original for everything else.

Are there any MacJams secrets that you would like to share?

Like secret identities? hehheh…

Like how to get along, find artists, chat window short cuts?

Oh, that… <G> I don’t know shortcuts or tech stuff- I’m the type who can’t figure out how to put a mic stand together. As for getting along, I offer this advice to the forum posters:

*Don’t drink and post

*Don’t resort to swearing, insulting, or name calling

*Listen more than you talk

Any final comments that you would like to add?

Yes. Thank you to every one of you. I have made great friends in here as well as having the opportunity to hear great music from very gifted musicians around the globe. I’ve stopped listening to the radio- that sums that up. You have all been kind, encouraging, and are teaching me a lot.

Could you please provide the artist names for a few MacJams artists that you would recommend to a newcomer?

Oh, maaan, how do I pick a few from all the great musicians in here? There are so many genres from which to choose! For piano, Paul F. Page, John Stebbe, Kassia, Gail60, Enrique Gil. For fingerstyle guitar, Cori Anderthetiler… For genius production, DavisAmerica, Dirigent… For ambient, Drakonis, smokeyvw, ic42… For folky, poetic lyrics with mandolin, Feter. For arranging and songwriting/singing, Pablatone, Scott Carmichael, Mysified, davisAmerica2, jiguma, blaky smith.. Oh, there are so many others, and I know I’ll kick myself later for not including them. Please forgive me for not listing you- You are *all* gifted musicians and wonderful people to communicate with.

Could you please select and provide the MacJams link to three of your tunes that you’d like to ask readers to listen to?

His Yoke is Easy
Break Out
Conversation Song
(a collab with Feter)

Thank you for listening. 🙂

11 Responses to “Roxylee”

  1. Bill Says:

    What a terrific MJ blog ! Couldn’t think of anyone better either, she has been so warm and fuzzy here it is in incredible! I mean all that in a good way too !

    Roxy, what a great gift you are to the MJ community !

    Really !

  2. Drakonis Says:

    Warm and fuzzy is a very apt description… Roxylee has a heart and soul that would put just about anyone to shame. She is extremely talented, very witty (often in a wry smirky way), and can write and sing beautifully… and will modestly deny most of this. And she is one of my bestest friends too, so I guess I’m biased.

    Roxylee, I’m very happy you joined this community and share your great talent so joyously with us. Macjams shines a lot brighter with you in it.


  3. Feter Says:

    WONDERFUL ! ..she s just magic people i told you …thank you
    for sharing this NICE reading . 😉

  4. Eddie Fliess (EEFliess) Says:

    a beautiful girl w/ a beautiful voice, keep up the good work, Roxanne! We love listening to you!


  5. Roxylee Says:

    You guys are the best! Thank you- this made my week. 🙂

  6. kristyjo Says:

    Another fine interview! Roxy, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all.

  7. Paul F. Page Says:

    Great interview. Roxylee comes off exactly as I have grown to know her: kind, gentle, smart, and self-effacing. She’s a lovely talent and such a positive person and her given advice in the interview is very valuable, indeed.

  8. Poodyglitz Says:

    Cool, Roxy got interviewed! Actually, I was listening to “Conversation Song” earlier, before I read this. It’s great that the rest of the community has gotten a glimpse of the special person that is Roxylee.

  9. davisamerica Says:

    Right then …. Mark knows how to pick his subjects. Roxy the artist and wonderfully gentle soul is a MJ mainstay. Roxy … this was just great. You have blessed me many times … and lady … you can belt a tune like no one else. Really cool interview guys!

  10. rtcooper Says:

    “CARRY A TUNE” !!!

    I’ll say.
    Your vocals are all but religious!

    I know “trained musicians” who pale compared to your work.
    What some hear as they listen exceeds what “training” alone can deliver.

    You are a natural and your work always a pleasure.

  11. Roxylee Says:

    Thank you. Your sweet comments made my month. What a pleasure to be associated with you all. I am learning a lot here and I feel so blessed to be a part of this community. to all. 🙂

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